Thank you all for the magnificent positive response to my May 25th posting on my personal FB page. I will repost it below.  I especially thank those of you who told me adding these small giving actions into their days and hours has helped them see the bigger picture of the cause and effect of our positive or negative actions towards others. But above all I’m knocked over moved by how many told me these minimal actions, that require so little effort, have helped them to feel more alive and hopeful. That is the level of actions and self honesty that can help change our tight, judgmental, angry, and tense world into a softer and more caring place for ourselves and our children. You do make a difference, and it is how we not only stay alive but feel more alive. The May 25th posting….


May peace joy and laughter also overflow your day,

It’s sad and tiring that there is still so much hate when

we are all so filled with weaknesses, mistakes, and

imperfections. We are all capable of sometimes being

part of the problem, but we are also all daily capable of

being a part of the solution. Empower yourself to

spread goodness, that is how we stop school

shootings. People who are loved, encouraged, and

supported for their unique and normal imperfect

humanness do not want to randomly hurt others.

Please, slow down to let someone in your lane, smile to

a stranger, ask someone how they are and then listen,

and hug your children more. We are capable of helping

people not only stay alive but to feel alive.

I wish you ALL, every race, culture, gender, sexuality,

and religion, some level of peace in your heads and

hearts while we recover, grieve, and heal, not only from

yesterday but also as we heal our tomorrows.

Vincent Dodd

Founder of The Human Bonding Foundation