In reference to bad things happening, I hear the term, “It is what it is,” often said in forced acceptance. Yes, it is often a true statement, everything in the past “is what it is.” Yet to limit a bad situation’s potential to enrich or grow from that bad situation is a missed opportunity for less bad tomorrow. Difficult painful situations, just like joy, depression, happiness, anxiety, elation, anger, or ecstasy, are the inescapable balance of many days of our life. 

     However, “It is what it is,” can become less frequent and less intense if we follow it with, “But it can become more of what we think and act towards.” Let us not ever give up our free will and choice to steer a percentage of our life towards more ease and goodness. 

   Although we can never fully control a percentage of the naturally occurring difficult or even tragedy that will happen to each of us, or those we care about, yet we can have more control. You are worth spending a little of your energy to have an easier life.  

     New directions bring new. Trust yourself to explore both the ups and the downs of your days, it only helps us grow and walk on easier. 


Vincent Dodd  

Founder of the Yandle, John D., Sheehan, and Daigle Foundation 

Also known as The Human Bonding Foundation