I just read a great post encouraging the importance of learning our history. There are many famous quotes out there, this one was from Howard Zinn. It brought me to a place of history in relation to the wellbeing of our youth’s future. Our ability to find the courage to accurately, honestly, and fearlessly look at our tragic human history is the key to our children’s tomorrows. Rewriting history to support one’s present beliefs, or to hide the mistakes of our race or culture, is not protecting the peace and productivity of our children’s future. But rather, it is denying them an opportunity to do better. Every race and culture have perpetrated wrongs onto others, and even onto themselves. Which means it is time to stop pointing fingers in blame, admit we have all created problems for ourselves and others, then to learn, and then do better. What is our other choice? Because more of the same is only going to get us more of the same. 

I know I don’t want more of the same for the children’s tomorrows,  

Vincent Dodd