Thank you for visiting The Human Bonding Foundation.  We started to help with the rapid social unraveling that is occurring in these stressful times. I first looked at the problems that have been escalating over the past 20 years such as addiction, anxiety, suicide, depression, and social discord. I then researched their many causes, and how to work to negate those negative influences to rebuild both our individual and our communities’ feelings of connection, self-worth, support, and well-being.

I am not savvy with technology or social media, but I beginning to learn.  Please show me patience while I build my skills, these areas are not the more developed parts of my brain. The more developed parts are the humanistic areas, and that is why I have started this Foundation.

Please visit our website at to see the bigger picture of The Human Bonding Foundation, also known as The Yandle, John D., Sheehan, and Daigle Foundation. Many websites are snapshots, our website is the big picture, because we are taking on a big picture issue. I believe in the goodness within us, and I believe each of us has the ability to make a positive contributing difference. When we extend ourselves by accomplishing a positive action, small or large, active of passive, we have just helped ourselves and others, a win-win situation.  Please help me by first taking great healthy care of yourself, and then extending yourself to others in ways you feel are appropriate and right for you.

Thank you,
Vincent Dodd