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From the inside out, making life easier.


Good early morning!

I can’t thank you all enough for the support you have given the Human Bonding Foundation’s missions. Especially your appreciation of the different angle of April Fool’s Day post was a boost. I needed that, it’s scary to go off the beaten path and create a new, wider, and more peaceful trail. I too enjoy accepting my inner fool, then to have so many tell me I am not a fool for starting such a needed Foundation is what the foundation is about. Life is teamwork, thank you for being my teammate.

Thank you for your donations and support, lifting a project off the ground is hard enough, it is even harder when that project is to reunite a fragmented society to strengthen both the community and the individuals. Always take care of your basic required healthy needs first, and know that is self-care not selfishness, enjoy. Then know that we need each other, and we do better when we are encouraged and supported. Reach out to someone today, extend yourself to another if it feels safe and right, then allow yourself to feel true pride for your positive contribution to another. That is how it also becomes self-rewarding.

Don’t forget to look up, we know where the ground is,

Vincent Dodd